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Spangel Fic Find

A Community to Spangel Fics

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Are you looking for a story starring Angel/Spike (in any of their incarnations) that you can't find or don't remember the title of? Is there a classic Spangel fic that brought you over to the world of slash? Have you lost the link? Do you have the general plot of the story, but can't remember where you read it from? Well if that's the case, then you are in the right place! Here you can give what information you have and ask everyone to help you find it.

All genres are welcome, including crossovers and RPS. I don't guarantee your inquiry will be answered but hopefully there is someone who can help point you in the right direction.

You are also allowed to request recommendations (i.e. death!fics, episode related, AU's, future fics, etc...)

A Few Rules:

* Once you have found what you're looking for, edit your posts with a link or a note like "ETA: Found!" Also, please include the link that was provided to you for the story so that if there are others looking for the same story, they don't have to ask.
* When requesting fics to read, please specify if you want you are looking for.
* Spangel related inquiries only please. All other fandoms can be found at the_rec_room.

This community was inspired by spnstoryfinders.

Below are some places worth checking, specially if you're looking for something specific, or you know the name of the fic. If you know of another site that is good for Spangel fics, please email me and I'll add it to the list.

Spangel Archive Sites:

Angel Without Wings
Deep In - An Angel Resource Site
Dark Whispers
Eternal Nightcap
FanFiction by Tazi
Fanged Four
Just Rewards
Love That Dares
Peasant's Plot
Shadows in a Mirror
SlashFiction by Hells Bells
Slashing the Angel
The Crypt
The Reference Key
The Spangel Alley


Send an email to me if you wish to affiliate.

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